About FYB

Freeze Your Brain Shave Ice is now a fully mobile REAL Hawaiian shave ice kiosk for booked events, random pop-ups, catering & more! To find out where the kiosk is on any given day please check the weekly schedule on any page of this site (updated daily by 10am) or follow us on Instagram @freezeyourbrainshaveice. To know what’s coming up for FYB in the future please check the “Upcoming Events” section of this website. Thank you and see you at the kiosk!


Since January 2017, FREEZE YOUR BRAIN Shave Ice has served an authentic “Hawaiian Style” shave ice frozen dessert with a 5 Star guest experience. Freeze Your Brain uses a true block ice shaver to produce the softest, fluffiest snow. We then pour up to 3 of our 39 high quality flavor syrups of your choice over the snow. Over 7000 combinations! Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream can be added in the center of your shave ice and toppers like sweetened condensed milk can be added to the top. Or choose one of 18 delicious recipes! It’s a melt in your mouth explosion of YUMMMM!

Working for The Four Seasons Resort in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, owner Kurt Jensen sold shave ice for two years. Having intimate knowledge of the amazing product that is TRUE Hawaiian shave ice he decided to bring this incredible treat to Central Florida.