Customers are raving about Freeze Your Brain Shave Ice!

“What you’re serving here is WAY better than anything we have…”
 Quote – Kona Ice Owner/Operator

“Great service and awesome flavors !!!! And the condensed milk is a game changer. We had a big group and one of the little girls was so excited and she was coming to the table she drop half of her ice cream …. Everyone was in shock because she dropped it ……Kurt from Freeze saw this and made her a new one without asking …. And that’s Ladies and gentlemen that is CUSTOMER SERVICE”
– Freddy R. / Yelp Review

“Best shaved ice in Florida, hands down. It is an easy business to miss because it’s tucked away behind a flea market, with lots of other food trucks. You won’t want to miss this one though. We were so glad we found this treasure!!  He has so many unique flavor options that I have not seen offered anywhere else, topping options (chocolate, condensed milk, marshmallow, caramel),  and recipe concoctions.  He takes shaved ice up SEVERAL notches by adding creamy vanilla ice cream in the middle (Hawaiian style) , with your choice of a topping.  I had tigers blood, “Hawaiian style,” with condensed milk on top and it was amazing!!  My husband had green apple flavored ice, with Carmel drizzle, and creamy vanilla ice cream in the middle. It was heaven!! It made every other shaved ice I’ve tried seem mediocre.  The gentleman behind the counter (the owner) was so friendly, helpful, and down right awesome. Customer service is top notch, as is the quality and taste of this dessert.  We will definitely be back for more of this deliciousness!!”
– Kristina L. / Yelp Review

“This is by far the best shaved ice I have ever had!  The service is top notch and the variety is fantastic.  My wife and I have been here twice in the last 2 nights and will make this a  “Must Visit” spot on all trips to Orlando.”
– Rob F. / Yelp Review

“The owner Kurt is super personable which to me is almost as important as the product you’re selling when running a business. Take into account that this is not just a snow cone, it’s a Hawaiian delicacy, shaved ice. He was sure to educate us as me weren’t as cultured as we thought. Stop by and show some love, not just because he’s Kurt but because his shaved ice is worth every penny!”
– Natalie M. / Yelp Review

“As a diabetic finding “treats” is a rareity, here he has a strawberry sugar free frozen treat and it’s delicious!”
– Lori N. / Yelp Review

“There are moments in life that you will never forget, I’m talking about my experience at Freeze your Brain authentic Hawaiian shave ice. This guy Kurt who runs the place is friendly and a genius when it comes to sculpting a masterpiece for my taste buds. The shave ice was sooooo good I ordered two. Thank you Kurt for the great late night treat, however, more importantly thank you for the experience and how you made me feel. I will be back.”
– Jason W. / Yelp Review

“AMAZING!!! From the many flavors down to the Owner Kurt, everything was AMAZING! Will most definitely be going back again and again!”
– Robert M. / Yelp Review

“You want to talk about delicious and original shaved ice? You came to the right place! The fine pilot behind this bezel was Captain Kirk! He helped us kindly to get our brains frozen! I was hesitant at first, I mean with so many options to choose from you can spend quite some time staring into deep space. I made up my mind and went with Piña Colada. Captain Kirk made it right away and spared no time in getting my order just right. The service was pleasant and the shaved ice was spot on! I got mine Hawaiian style which means it has ice cream in the middle! My tastebuds were in a galaxy far far away! Overall the service was great, plenty of options and an addiction to come back for more!”
– Will C. / Yelp Review

“Shaved ice at its best! I am usually not a big fan of shaved ice but he has nailed it here. Tons of unique flavors and well thought out creations. I tried a strawberry cheesecake creation that had Sweet condensed milk drizzled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle. Overall great service and very friendly. Definitely bring your kids here.”
– Javier C. / Yelp Review

“The best shave ice I have ever had! So many flavors and combinations to choose from. Definitely will be here frequently to get my shave ice fix.”
– LaToya S. / Yelp Review

“We went somewhere that advertised “shaved ice” only to find out it was frozen prepackaged snow cones. On the hunt for real shaved ice, we found Freeze Your Brain – and boy are we glad we did! Great flavor selection and great prices! Also was thrilled to know that they do private events. If you’re looking for a wonderful frozen treat on a hot day, make your way here!”
– Samantha T. / Yelp Review

“Great guy who works here! Love the atmosphere, everyone seemed friendly. I went with my boyfriend and we ended up having a really good time! Definitely recommended by us. (Plus he gives you a LOT of shaved ice with the large size)!!”
– Brooke H. / Yelp Review

“Omggggg ! Guys this was the best shaved ice I ever had literally I’m from Rhode Island and I’m coming back down here for this awesome place. Go try it trust you won’t regret it !!!! When I had the Hawaiian style I died and went to heaven do yourself a favor pls and go here !!!!”
– Esthy F. / Yelp Review

“Perfect ice consistency and super friendly staff equal perfect shaved ice!  Not to mention every flavor under the sun. Thank you for an awesome sweet treat!  I’ll be back for more!”
– Will N. / Yelp Review

“The owner was very sweet and welcoming, I notice him putting up everything the sign and my nephew wanted one so we rushed over he said it would be 20 mins or so. As soon as he opened we were first in line and he gave us complementary water for waiting which was very thoughtful. I use to live in Hollywood Florida which I use to go to get icees at a place called snowballs I was a regular and wow I missed having icees since moving to kissimmee and his were amazing every flavored was bursting !! I will now be a regular here I enjoyed it so much even my husband got one he enjoyed every bite lol. I would recommend this place especially to bring family !!”
– Gabriella L. / Yelp Review

“What can I say…..   Best shaved ice on the planet earth!  I haven’t actually tried all of them but I have had many in many places INCLUDING Hawaii (the place true shaved ice was born).  Awesome ice, awesome flavors, awesome service, basically it’s AWESOME!  Quit reading this review and go get one NOW!”
– Mike M. / Yelp Review

“Had my first FYB treat today!! AMAZING!! I love the process, the price, and the service. Kurt has quite the vision out here on 192. I went during the day so I was not able to see the night scene but will definitely be back to see this concept at night when all the food trucks are busy. Living in clermont isn’t easy, but it’s a lot better having a nice frozen cup of whatever I want with FYB’s extensive flavor selection. Two thumbs up, go check it out! You will not regret it.”
– Michael M. / Yelp Review

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